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Impression of Grace and Symmetry


Salukis are elegant dogs, and their whole appearance gives an impression of grace and symmetry. These dogs are known for their speed and stamina. The Saluki has a dignified and intelligent expression.

The head is long, and the top of the skull is almost flat. The Saluki’s eyes are almond-shaped, and set into the skull. The color of the eyes ranges from light honey to dark brown. The teeth should meet in a scissors or a level bite. The ear leather is drop-eared. The mobile ears are set high on the dog’s head.

What Makes Saluki Different?

Salukis - Duties of a Responsible Breeder

Salukis are special dogs for responsible owners. Buy a puppy from a responsible breeder. A responsible breeder will encourage you to visit his or her Salukis in order to get to know the temperaments and personalities of their dogs

The Saluki is considered one of the oldest pure dog breeds in the world. The Saluki is related to the Greyhound, the Whippet, and the Afghan. A prospective purchaser should see the conditions in which the breeding stock is living, and the facilities. An ethical breeder will be willing to offer references. Most reputable breeders require a contract with owners. Such a contract includes a provision for the return of the dog, if the buyer is unable to keep it.

Do You Wish To Adopt Saluki?

Great Idea! Get Familiar First!!
They Are Special & Need Responsible Owners.

The saluki is one the most ancient breeds  of  hounds. The history of the Saluki is traced back for many centuries to the middle east.  These dogs hunt on sight.  They will pay very little attention to their owners commands if they are chasing something. they love to run.

A saluki might be black and tan, fawn, red, gold, cream or white. They have a slender build, but have muscular shoulders.  These dogs are sensitive and affectionate and become attached and loyal to one person. The weight of the saluki varies from 23-28 inches tall and the weight varies from 29-66 lbs.  

There are numerous organizations having rescue Salukis available for adoption. Every dog deserves a loving home.

Once you have sufficient knowledge on the Saluki breed, you are welcome to fill out an adoption application.You should know about breed history, activities, membership and rescue information, breeder referral and calendar of events. If you wish to volunteer, remember that your help is always needed, albeit it fostering Salukis, mentoring potential owners, assisting financially, traveling and transporting.

Salukis are easy to groom. Smooth Salukis have short, sleek hair that requires occasional brushing and bathing. The other type is the Saluki with feathering on the ears, thighs and tail. Pay more attention to the longer-haired parts of the dog.

The Saluki is an average shedder. Check the dog’s ears on a regular basis to make sure that they are clean and free of infections. Salukis are clean dogs, with little or no doggy odor. Ideally they need to be adopted because they are in temporary homes or with owners who can no longer care for them.

Get Familiar With Saluki

Here are some more facts to check if you deserve to own SALUKI!!!

Living Conditions

The Saluki is an active breed, and it is not recommended for apartment living without a yard. The dog should sleep indoors. They do well in warm temperatures. Natural athletes, the Salukis need plenty of exercise to keep them in good condition.


Salukis tend to eat less than other breeds. The Saluki has a small amount of body fat not because it eats very little, although Salukis can be picky eaters, but mostly because they can run approximately 35 miles per hour. Feed Salukis with high quality foods.

Health Problems

Salukis are generally free from major genetic disorders. You are recommended to take your puppy to a veterinarian to make sure the pup is in good health. Salukis can be prone to some genetic eye diseases. Cancer can occur in this breed as in many others. Owners of Salukis should be alert for their pets regarding sunburn on hot days.

The Saluki is considered one of the oldest pure dog breeds in the world .

We organize and fund rescue operations for Salukis throughout the country. Contact us to sign up as a volunteer, read about the organization, or find out about previous rescues.

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