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We do not only offer you physical description, temperament, living conditions, exercise, grooming, origin etc for Saluki, instead we give you complete newscover, standings and events related to sight hound coursing.

We also have database of breed information exchange. We actively organizes and funds rescue operations for Salukis throughout the country. You can also sign up as a volunteer, read about the organization, or find out about previous rescues.

We present a comprehensive look at Salukis and their breeders and owners across the states and aims to educate those involved with, new to or just curious about the world of Salukis. You are welcome to reach us if you are looking for information on the club and breed.

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We have 100+ rescue Salukis available for adoption. Every dog deserves a loving home. Get to know about Saluki breed, if they interests you, you are welcome to fill out an adoption application. If you wish to volunteer, remember that your help is always needed.

Physical Appearance

The Saluki’s neck is rather long and well muscled. The chest is deep and wide enough to give the dog endurance in the chase. The low set tail is carried in a curve. The back of the dog should be well muscled with an arch over the loin.

The Saluki’s eyes are almond-shaped, and set into the skull. The color of the eyes ranges from light honey to dark brown. The teeth should meet in a scissors or a level bite. The ear leather is drop-eared. The mobile ears are set high on the dog’s head.

Salukis are somewhat aloof with strangers.  Nevertheless, these dogs become deeply attached to their owners. They are very intelligent and protective of their family. Salukis are sensitive dogs; therefore, heavy-handed methods of training should not be applied to them.

Breed History

The Saluki is considered one of the oldest pure dog breeds in the world. The Saluki is related to the Greyhound, the Whippet, and the Afghan. The breed was named after the Arabian city in the Middle East. The Saluki city now does not exist, and is believed to have vanished in the sands. The pictures of Salukis in ancient Egyptian tombs date from 2100 BC.

The history of the Saluki is traced back for many centuries to the middle east.  These dogs hunt on sight.  They will pay very little attention to their owners commands if they are chasing something. they love to run. A saluki might be black and tan, fawn, red, gold, cream or white. They have a slender build, but have muscular shoulders.  These dogs are sensitive and affectionate and become attached and loyal to one person.

We also provide a history of their kennel and information about their dogs, past, present and future.

We organize and fund rescue operations for Salukis throughout the country. Contact us to sign up as a volunteer, read about the organization, or find out about previous rescues.